Friday, July 27, 2007

Wet Hot American Summer

If you'd like a good example of my kind of humor, watch the movie "Wet Hot American Summer." It's in my top five movies of all time. Not many people outside of the summer camp where I used to work have ever heard of it. Except for the two guys I stayed with last night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Wade and Kris.

They both love "Wet Hot American Summer." I knew we would get along well.

When discussing how to introduce me to his friends, they decide to just mention my name casually.

Kris: "What, you don't know Scott? We've been friends with him for like three years now. Haven't you noticed him?

Wade: "He's been our roommate for the past nine months."

Kris: "Scott is my brother for god's sake. I'm kind of offended now."

One of those had-to-be-there moments, I suppose.

While watching a TV show on Animal Planet about abused dogs being rescued by the ASPCA, we got to talking about Michael Vick (I finally know who he is).

Wade: "I think as punishment they should make Michael Vick fight eight... teen Rotweilers."

Kris: "And as a weapon he's only allowed like a giant flower."

Wade: "Like a sunflower or something."


48statebus said...

The deepest,hottest, most gruesome rings of hell are set aside for someone like Michael Vick..what a dispicable (sp) human being.

I've seen that show that you're talking about before, it's unbelievable what people can do to animals...hopefully Vick gets convicted and a long, LONG sentence...

Amy said...

I am so glad you introduced me to Wet, Hot American summer! Wish I could have been there for the conversation!