Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The coldest tempertaure in the state of Minnesota was recorded at negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit only 11 years ago. The residents of Minneapolis, in response to the arctic winds that blow from the actual arctic, have built a series of tubes one story above the street, connecting one building to another. There are several of these around downtown, making the place feel not unlike those plastic tube playgrounds that people build for hamsters.

My sister and I went to the Guthrie Theater, which just moved into its new state of the art accomodations this past fall following the demolition of the original Guthrie near the sculpture garden. Located on the bank of the Mississippi River in the old mill district, the new Guthrie has a balcony that overlooks the river and old mills. My sister and I took a seat not facing the river, but facing the Guthrie, so that we could see ourselves in the reflection of the building, looking at ourselves looking at the river. It was kind of weird. So I took a picture.


Paul E. Shively said...

Did you get to ride the light rail to the Mall of America and go on the roller coaster? I was just on the light rail a week ago and was impressed. I can really see what they are trying to do with the cities. It will be nice when they can connect the U of M with the Hiawatha Line and St. Paul (mainly the university area by Grand Ave).

I'm sure your sister has many more comments about the Met Council and the rest of the Urban Planning initiatives around the Twin Cities. I hope you're enjoying it out there. Rest well before you push East. You'll need it in a few weeks! :-)

Oh yeah, I sent you an Evite for the party. Details are also in my MySpace blog. Let me know if you have any questions.


Dad said...

Minneapolis may be a great place (and it is -- where else does the Parks Department resurface the ice on public lakes with a Zamboni?) but it is Lewiston, Maine that was just named an "All American City". See: http://www.bates.edu/x165436.xml.

Kirsten said...

Paul, I do have plenty of comments on the Met Council and urban planning initiatives in the Twin Cities, oh, and those skyways Scott mentioned in this blog, but I have too much to say for this blog!

I'd be willing to go head-to-head with Lewiston to vie for the "All American City" distinction. It's true the Minneapolis Park and Rec Board grooms its outdoor rinks, including ones on the lakes and grooms miles and miles of cross-country ski trails throughout the system. Skiing out my front door after a snow storm or playing pick-up hockey after dinner with friends makes winters here not just bearable, but enjoyable.