Sunday, July 29, 2007

Minnesota Nice

Charles Kuralt once wrote,

"Minnesotans are different from the rest of us to begin with, as I was reminded on the trip in. Minnesotans don't smoke; the Minneapolis airport was the first in the nation to ban smoking, even in bars. Minnesotans recycle; there are separate containers at the highway rest stops for cans, bottles, and plastic. Minnesotans return the grocery cart to the store. Minnesotans do not consume butterfat... Minnesotans bike with their helmets on. Minnesotans fasten their seatbelts. Minnesotans hold the door for you. Minnesotan men don't leave the toilet seat up. Minnesotans do not blow their horns at you when the light turns green; they wait for you to notice. Minnesotans are nicer than other people. The farther away from the big cities you go, the nicer they are."

Except when you go paintballing with employees of Lockheed Martin. Then they become a rather dangerous lot.

And here's a picture of me attempting another action shot, this time in front of the State Capitol:

Don't worry, I'm ok.


48statebus said...

You may just be the first person in history to take a picture of their leg in front of the Minnesota Capitol

I LOVE paintballing! Had you ever been before?

Scotticus said...

Paintballing was incredible. The last time I'd been was when I was 12, and that was indoors. Doesn't quite compare with grown men in full army fatigues and combat boots who carry their own guns in sniper cases.