Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Redwoods National Park

The worst part about seeing something extraordinary is lacking the words to adequately describe it, and/or the technical know how to capture it on film. Yesterday I spent a few hours hiking in the Tall Trees Grove of Redwoods National Park in northern California. Nothing eloquent comes to mind.

What's to say? They're huge.

I spent awhile trying to get some more action shots by jumping over the camera, but only succeeded in filling up the lens with my butt. Here's the best pic from the bunch:

A majestic picture of me soaring amongst the Redwoods it is not. But I try. Yes, pun intended.

In the middle of the park, in the small town of Orick, California, I saw the following sign:

Lost amidst the the giants of an ancient forest, it's easy to forget how close to the coast one still is.


the chef said...

Wow... I feel dumb.

I can't figure out where that pun is.

A little help?

Scotticus said...

"...filling up the lens with my butt."

"But I try."

Pun = but(t)

Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.

I still try.

the chef said...

Got it!

Right over my head with that one...

the humidity back here must have clogged up my thinkin' organ... or else the heat cooked it a little.

(I know it's not really an organ)