Thursday, August 9, 2007

Grand Rapids, Michigan

It's a testament to a group's character when a stranger arrives in its midst and they instantly make him feel like a part of the crew. Alcohol probably helps too.

I spent the night with Matt last night in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He's a student at the local college and lives in a house with two roommates. He took me on a driving tour of East Grand Rapids (where "American Pie" was filmed - got to see Yesterdog, their local hangout in the movie) and Grand Rapids itself.

Matt: "We should go to the fish ladder."

Me: "What is that, like a brewpub?"

Matt: "No, it's a ladder in the river that helps the fish swim upstream."

We never did find it, though.

Afterwards I met his friends and we did what college students do best: we drank. Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind, shall we say, to get a picture of Matt himself, but at least I got a shot of his friends upon returning from the bar where we did flaming Dr. Peppers.

It was most likely my last couchsurfing experience of this trip. Really going to miss it.


Paul E. Shively said...

No more couchsurfing?? That can't be!? I know you can fit one more in somewhere in Ohio before you make it here!!

Cheers mate. Glad to see things are still going well.

48statebus said...

This couchsurfing thing sounds like an awesome idea, you really seem to be enjoying yourself with each host. I may try it on a later trip, I doubt too many people would be all that thrilled to have 5 or 6 people show up all at once at their apartment, haha.

On a side note though with your trip wrapping up I've really enjoyed reading all your blogs and I hope my comments entertained you even for the briefest of moments. If you ever find yourself in the Florida panhandle and need a couch to crash on consider this an open invitation.

Thanks for the blog posting entertainment, 48statebus (aka Jeremy)

Anonymous said...

48 statebus..
You should go ahead and sign up, you would be surprised at the response you may get for your group. I know that if I had a bit of warning, I wouldn't mind hosting a big group, it sounds like fun.
couchsurfer and host in texas

48statebus said...

Thanks I signed up just to browse for a bit. Now I've got to convince 4 other people that they won't be murdered in the middle of the night by a crazy person with an ax, haha.

Really more than a couch, all we would need is a driveway with an electrical socket with 50 feet...and access to a bathroom