Sunday, August 5, 2007


I got an e-mail from Annika, a friend in Chicago, with the following excerpt:

"Feel free to help yourself to anything in the apartment. There's plenty of food in the fridge, so don't be polite about using anything."

I love having friends in cities.

In Nashville I walked five miles into the downtown. In Seattle I used a bus.

This is the view from Annika's apartment:


Last night I left the camera behind and just walked around, young and at large in an enormous city.


48statebus said...

So did you twist and shout ala Ferris Bueller, while in Chicago? You're very lucky to get to stay in that apartment, we don't know anyone in cities ...we'll be relying mostly on National Parks near the cities...

Amy said...

I miss you! Come home soon! I'm giving you Season 1 of Undeclared as a Welcome Back present. I figure we can actually "create" seasons 2-4 with your house and a keg. Whaddya think?

LukisWeb said...

Chicago == My Home Town! Kick Ass that you went there! WooHoo! Millennium Park and Michigan Ave and etc etc etc! Its my favorite city!