Monday, June 11, 2007

My first night on the road

A lot of friends and acquaintances asked me where my first stop would be on this trip, assuming I might tell them Ohio or Tennessee or something. In fact, I spent my first night of the trip in Ambler, Pennsylvania, a mere two and a half hours from the coast of Jersey where I started. I had decided early on that I wanted to visit both of my grandmothers, and this was the first one.

My dad's mother lives in a retirement home now. Aside from a recent spat over the administration blocking MySpace on the communal computers due to "adult mature/content" - I didn't think the administration had a right to block anything, she isn't sure what MySpace is and thinks it shouldn't matter - we get along great. On Saturday night we had an early bird dinner and then drove downtown to the old timey theater to watch "Waitress" starring Keri Russell. It was a wonderful, relaxed night, and a great visit with a wonderful woman.


Kirsten said...

I think it's great you decided to visit the grandmothers on your trip. I'm sure they loved your visits. Do you think they're reading your blog?

(Scott's sister)

Dad said...

One grandmother is and one isn't.