Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Horses and Bourbon

They say the only two reasons people come to visit Kentucky are the horses and the bourbon. Not being a raving fan of the former, I decided to indulge my alcoholic side for a bit.

It turns out a bed of limestone underneath several states comes closest to the surface in Kentucky, influencing the quality of the water and thereby the quality of the grains grown and fed to the horses. The grains make the horses the fastest and strongest in the world while the water makes the bourbon the best in the world. The name bourbon comes from people referring to "that fine whiskey from Bourbon County, Kentucky," which was eventually just shortened to bourbon.

Don't say I never taught you anything.

I learned all of this today at the historic Labrot and Graham Distillery, so historic the U.S. government decided to name it a national historic landmark. Since 1994 the grounds have housed the Woodford Reserve Distillery, a company hell bent on making the world's greatest whiskey.

I also learned that whiskey, once distilled, is initially clear in color. It then gains its color and much of its flavor from the oak barrels in which it is aged.

Aren't I just smarmy as hell? You spent the day working, probably in an office, and I spent the day learning about premium whiskey from an old guy named Phil.

Life is good, eh?


Valerie O'Shea said...

remember how you told me you were worried that you might not have retained that funny, smart-ass writing style I saw in your old essays?
yeah. stop worrying.
and your pictures are putting mine to shame.

the chef said...

a busy week here at camp... today I finally got a chance to sit calmly and catch up on some internet reading and browsing and... dammit... you're off and running.

Simply brilliant writing Scott.

I peed in my pants a little when I read the comment " Paris Hilton needs a punch in the kidneys."

I usually go for the more obscure organ reference like a spleen or uterus but kidneys work too!

Also, as a tip, when refrencing physical violence try mixing up punches and kicks in this fashion... "A kick to the esophagus and a punch to the shin."

Do you see how that works... the subtle comedy.

You may ask yourself...
"Why not a kick in the shin and a punch in the esophagus? Wouldn't that be an easier assault tactic?"


But it wouldn't be as funny.

Scott... I am envious.

Kudos to you.

Stop by and read my blog from Thursday the 14th. It's dedicated to you and holds a bit of travel advice that might serve you well.

Be good...


Alan said...

I think I've been here... I remeber lots of stone, and the vats being up on the second floor, like in your picture, and the hazy recollection of endless barrels of PHENOMALLY scented air... a bourbon induced haze I'm sure...