Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Travels with Black Betty: the Prologue

My sister and I recently received a small chunk of change from my mom's writer's guild. Cadillac money this ain't, but it's no Jersey diner money either. While my sister is the type to be sensible and deposit the new income into a retirement fund, I am the type who is convinced he will someday retire on the richness of his life's memories, and dammit I'll accept nothing less than grand.

That said, when forced to spend a large wad of cash, I'm also the type who prefers to spend it on experiences, as opposed to material possessions. That's why I still lack an iPod (though I would absolutely love one) and a wardrobe anywhere near the term 'fashionable' (also aided by the fact that retailers are convinced people my size don't exist, but that's another blog, one which probably won't happen given my apathy towards all things textile).

I plan to do a lot of international traveling in the future, and now more than ever it is important to represent America well. One way to do so is to be able to discuss American life intelligently; its political system, its history, its geography and most importantly, the opinions of its citizens. I could learn many of these things from books and magazines, but wouldn't it be more fun to drive around the country instead?

Which leads us to the obvious: I am going to drive across America this summer. New Jersey to California and back.

It's always been on my list of things to do in life, alongside such ambitious goals as "set foot on all seven continents," "meet the president," and "be an extra in a large Hollywood movie." I feel lucky that I've already accomplished some of the items on this list, such as "live in a foreign country for a year," "run a marathon," and "go skydiving." Driving cross country just seems like the next logical thing to cross off the list.

I'm lucky. Some countries are too small, others are too dangerous, others contain landscape that is impossible to traverse, while some are all three. But I was born on the east coast of one of the largest and most populated countries in the world. Three thousand miles and some three hundred million people lie between this computer and California. It's an adventure one part On the Road, two parts Odyssey and all parts insanity. It's just what the doctor ordered and then some.

I plan to spend the whole time staying with friends, relatives and people met on I plan to see everything, go everywhere, all while blogging about it. I can't promise this blog will always be PG, and I make no apologies for that. I have been known to be a bit wild and crazy and sometimes downright silly, and I intend to put that attitude into my writing. I do hope to keep it entertaining and maybe even informative. Stay tuned, folks. You won't want to miss the ride.

Aside from itchy anticipation for the start of what will be one hell of a travel blog, I'll leave you with the following thought: what is on YOUR list of things to do in life, and WHEN are you going to DO one of them?

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Just checking over your past posts. Really good writing.